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• Green cards for you, your spouse, and unmarried children under 21 years old

• Freedom to live, work, and retire anywhere in the United States

• No day-to-day investor management required

• Educational benefits - children may attend college or university at the same cost as United States residents

• Requires only $500,000 USD investment
After obtaining a Green Card
you can decide to embark on
a path to becoming a full U.S.
Citizen in just five years.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much do I need to invest in WWRC projects?

WWRC works primarily with projects that have a minimum EB-5 investment level of $500,000.

What’s the basic process for getting my permanent US Green card through the EB-5 program?

Please see the flow chart of the basic process on the Immigration Process page

Can my family members obtain green cards through the investment I make as an individual?

Yes. Your spouse and unmarried children up to age 21 can obtain a green card through your investment in the EB-5 program. 

Does WWRC have specific immigration attorneys that I need to hire?

No.  WWRC does not require an investor in our Projects to work with any attorneys we know or may have relationships with.  We can recommend attorneys we know but cannot require you to use those attorneys.  An investor should find a good immigration attorney to help them with the EB-5 process, independent of his or her investment.   WWRC will always be available to assist you and your immigration attorney with the necessary investment and job creation documentation to make a strong I-526 and I-829 petition to USCIS. 

Why can’t I get a permanent Green Card when I make my initial investment with WWRC?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services department (USCIS) requires that an EB-5 applicant for a Green Card go through a two-step process to obtain a permanent Green Card.  At the approval of your I-526 petition you will obtain a temporary Green Card.  USCIS needs to ensure that your investment has created at least 10 permanent jobs over the course of the next two years.  At the end of this two-year period USCIS reviews your I-829 petition for a permanent Green Card. 

What is the difference between a permanent Green Card and a temporary Green Card?

WWRC recommends you consult with your immigration attorney on the specifics of this question.  In general, a temporary Green Card gives you the rights of a permanent Green Card but there are different rules about your physical place of residence as a temporary Green Card holder that you should be aware of.  These rules are different than with a permanent Green Card.  Also, as the name implies, your temporary Green Card comes up for review after 2 years.  At the 2 year point WWRC will work with you and your immigration attorney to prove that your investment created 10 full-time jobs in the project you invested in.

What happens to my investment if my I-526 application is rejected?

This is up to the terms and conditions of each investment offering.  You should review the offering with your investment advisor and attorney to fully understand this.  In general, if there is a case where the I-526 application has been rejected through no fault of your own or your immigration attorney WWRC will return your investment less the fees associated with the investment. 

What are the fees that WWRC charges for Investment in a Project?

The minimum investment for an WWRC Project is $500,000.  Generally, our fees to administer the investment placement and work with your immigration attorney are around $49,000.  However, the fees of each offering are unique and you should review the individual Project PPM with your investment advisor and attorney to see specific details.

Is WWRC affiliated with USCIS?

No, WWRC is an independent company focused on creating investment opportunities for foreign individuals interested in obtaining a Green Card through the USCIS EB-5 program.  We work with USCIS staff to help make this happen but we are not affiliated with USCIS.

What is the difference between a “Regional Center” and my investment “Project”?

The USCIS approves Regional Centers around the United States for purposes of the EB-5 program.  The Regional Center is a company that sponsors individual projects within it’s physical boundaries and that meet the industry classification criteria the Regional Center told USCIS it would focus on creating.  As an investor you will actually invest with a specific project.  The Project is a legally separate company from the Regional Center, with it’s own set of legal operations and terms.  At your I-526 and I-829 petitions USCIS will be reviewing the Project you will be, or have been, investing in.   The Project utilizes your investment, creates the permanent jobs and provides the returns on your investment.  WWRC has the contacts and relationships with both the Regional Centers and the Projects that are needed for a successful EB-5 process.

How do I know the 10 permanent jobs are created for my I-829 application for a permanent Green Card?

WWRC feels the best method for proving job creation is through the utilization of an “economic expenditure” job creation model.  The economic expenditure model is created by an independent economist.  The model shows the Project budget spent over a certain time period, to create jobs.  When the Project actually spends the specified amount of money in that time period those jobs are created. 

USCIS staff reviews this expenditure model as part of your I-526 petition process.   In general, questions or concerns USCIS may have about the method of job creation accountability will be asked at this time.  So long as WWRC follows the prescribed economic model and project budget for job creation you should feel confident that the 10 permanent jobs you need for your I-829 petition will be there at the end of two years.  Still, it is possible for USCIS processes and guidelines to change in that two-year period.    If that ends up being the case WWRC will work with the Project to document employment verification through record retention of actual jobs created and paid for with EB-5 investor funds in the Project.

USCIS Approval Notice for Western Washington Regional Center

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